Paramotor flying is the exciting new sport taking the world by storm.

Are you ready to run into the air and fly like a bird? Paramotor flying is one of the most economical, safest and most thrilling forms of aviation you can participate in today.

Paramotor flying is like piloting your own personal backpack aircraft.

Paramotor's, also known as powered paragliders, can fly over 10,000 feet high or just a few feet from the ground making them one of the most unique aircraft ever invented by humankind.

Paramotor flying is relatively safe and extremely fun but piloting one requires a great deal of good judgement and proper training and while the sport comes with a lot of freedom, there is much the aspiring paramotorist needs to learn before they strap on an engine and run off into the sky.

The Sky is the limit – Adidas promotion

The Sky is the limit - Adidas promotion Present NobleSweat Director : JinHa_Lee [main cam / Edit / Grade / Tone & Manner / C.G / Composite] Paramotor Pilot : YoungMin_Ham [Paramania Team Leader / adidias Terrex Team] Base-Jumper : ChangSuck_Bang [adidas Terrex...

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Acro Paramotor Fiesta

Acro Paramotor Fiesta François Ragolski was in Spain for the first acro paramotor festival. He tried a lots of maneuvers with his backbone motor and Air-G glider : infinity tumbling, misty, sat, heli, full stall and of course connections between them... Don't try this...

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Flying With Birds

Video - Flying with the Birds This is my 7th flight that took place at Homestead General Airport on 11-21-16 It was an amazing evening the airport was busy with planes, a helicopter, a jet and me and Scott flying our paramotors. Maybe one of the coolest things was all...

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Paramotor Fly Camping in Monument Valley

Paramotor Fly Camping in Monument Valley Eagle Mesa is one of a few mesas that you can rock climb, camp and land on top of. For more information about this sport, sales and training go to right now!!! Paramotor Fly Camping in Monument Valley 20Dirtysticks...

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The Toll Road

The Toll Road In the summer of 2014, four friends met up with foreign pilots to go on the ultimate paramotor adventure – to tour the American Southwest. Only weeks after the trip, Jeff Toll was tragically killed flying at his home flying field in Chesapeake, VA. Nine...

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