Epic Paramotor Videos

I scour the net from top to bottom and weed through countless really boring paramotor videos to find the world's most epic ones.

This is what I want to do with this sport, make amazing flying videos.

I don't care about doing acro, flying really fast or going super high, I just want to make cool videos and I'm sure at some point I'll get to fly fast, go really high or maybe even do a wingover or two in the pursuit of this.

If you like paramotors or are learning about them, these are the best videos to watch

What makes an epic video?

For me it's a video that takes you on an awe-inspiring journey with imagery, music and creative editing.

They are the best of the best.

Surreal Perspectives

Surreal Perspectives Fly alongside Rob Whittall as he soars above New Zealand's West Coast with his Paramotor, in search of a little soul satisfaction. White Cloud Productions NZ joined forces with Rob to capture stunning images of Raglan and the surrounding...

Caribbean Duel – Paramotor vs Jetski

Caribbean Duel - Paramotor vs Jetski Two years after the Tunisian Duel (vimeo.com/35937401) here is the new episode with Pascal Vallée and his paramotor. This time, he will cross the path of Valentin Dardillat on his jet ski! Pascal Vallée is paramotor world champion...

Chasing Shadows in Wisconsin

Chasing Shadows in Wisconsin By AviatorPPG.com - Due to the hefty length of this video I almost didn't screen it for the epic videos section but after watching Eric, Tucker and Adriel paradventure through the Wisconsin countryside over rolling hills and just feet...

Peak to Peak

Peak to Peak by Chris Reynolds - Peak to Peak represents what an epic video is all about. Using multiple cams, Chris captures stunning footage of his flight over jagged Alaskan snow-covered peaks, creatively edits it down and then adds just the right music to produce...

Amazing Morning Journey in 4K

Amazing Morning Journey in 4K The lucky paramotorist in this video straps on a Nirvana paramotor and runs up into a beautiful misty morning sunrise cruising over still waters, trees and 100 foot high wind turbines. This amazing journey was captured on 4k high...