My Paramotors


The Synergy 5

My first and as I write this the only paramotor I have ever flown is the Synergy 5. I like the Synergy because it breaks down to a very compact state for shipping. No other paramotor I've come across breaks down as small as the Synergy mostly because it has a fuel bladder and not a hard fuel tank that takes up a lot of room. I also like the look of the Synergy since the fuel tank is in the frame.

But having the fuel bladder inside the frame has a few drawbacks, at least for me anyway.

First, I have the 3 gallon bladder but when it is sandwiched between the frame, it doesn't hold a full 3 gallons, more like just over two.

Because I weigh about 210 pounds and my engine is the Moster 185, a powerful yet thirsty little creature, I needed something with a larger fuel tank.

Second, even though you can monitor the fuel level by reaching behind you during flight and feeling the bladder, I would rather have a tank were I could see the fuel level especially during cross country flights.

I still plan to fly the Synergy in far away places because of it's ease to ship but doing any serious cross country adventures won't be an option.


The Kangook Vikking

Since I already had the engine and harness, all I needed was a frame, cage and tank. I looked at all of the popular paramotor brands and what I found was it's not easy to find just a frame and cage, most websites sell the whole package and when they do piece it out, the price is pretty high.

For example I think Scouts are pretty cool and watching Tucker Gott fly his would make any aspiring pilot want one but even the few times I've flown (only 14 as of this writing), engine torque hasn't been an issue even with the Moster 185, so for me anyway, I can't justify the bigly cost of a Scout.

I see the value in the higher priced paramotors but at this point in my flying career all I need is simplicity and reliability with the machine that's going to scoot my newbie butt across the sky.

I came across the Kangook on eBay.

I originally thought Kangook was a Chinese brand mainly because the name sounds Chinese and also because of the relatively low prices in the listings.

Flying a Chinese paramotor wasn't very appealing so I never took Kangook seriously when I was searching for a new fly ride.

Was I ever wrong.

Come to find out Kangook is a Canadian paramotor company that hand builds all of their machines.

After researching the company and their products I am convinced that a Kangook paramotor is one of the best values going today.

So begins the Kangook chapter in my paramotoring experience.

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