Paramotor flying is the exciting new sport taking the world by storm.

Are you ready to run into the air and fly like a bird? Paramotor flying is one of the most economical, safest and most thrilling forms of aviation you can participate in today.

Paramotor flying is like piloting your own personal backpack aircraft.

Paramotor's, also known as powered paragliders, can fly over 10,000 feet high or just a few feet from the ground making them one of the most unique aircraft ever invented by humankind.

Paramotor flying is relatively safe and extremely fun but piloting one requires a great deal of good judgement and proper training and while the sport comes with a lot of freedom, there is much the aspiring paramotorist needs to learn before they strap on an engine and run off into the sky.

Paramotor Adventures on the Oregon Coast

Paramotor Adventures on the Oregon Coast UA Paramotors teams up with Benjamin Co//Lab for a road trip up the Oregon Coast. Song: Jose Gonzalez - Down The Line A Film By Benjamin Co//Lab contact: Paramotor Adventures. Oregon...

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Packing Your Glider for Shipping

Packing Your Glider for Shipping by Team Fly Halo - As paramotor pilots we rarely have a need to do an actual concertina fold on our paragliders. But when we do, it's sometimes hard to make it pretty if we're not practicing all the time. Here's a video to reference...

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How to Put Your Glider Into a Stuff Sack

How to Put Your Glider Into a Stuff Sack The truth is - modern gliders do not like to be jammed in a bag in a careless way. If you're flying anything that uses a rigid structure to assist in holding the leading edge open - this Motor Minute is for you! Team Fly Halo...

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