PPG Weather Station

I never realized how windy the winters are in South Florida until I started flying a paramotor.

The atmospheric conditions needed for flying powered paragliders is no rain and little or no wind meaning 10MPH or below. More experienced pilots are able to fly in slightly higher winds but this usually means they will be in for a turbulent, bumpy flight.

Being a paramotor pilot requires you become knowledgeable at evaluating the weather conditions before you fly and while precipitation is fairly easy to forecast, wind speeds at different altitudes can be a lot trickier. Calm winds at ground level can quickly become gusty and dangerous a little higher up which is why understanding how wind behaves is so critical for the PPG pilot.

Here are some popular weather sites/apps paramotorists use.

Wind Alert
Weather Underground
Wind Finder
Windy TV
US Airnet

Balloonists' Wind Forecast

Current Wind Conditions